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We are a family owned business since 1985, what started out in the basement at home, quickly grew into a factory!


Seracon focuses on private label candles in the medium to luxury home market.  This concentration has allowed us to refine our skills and move forward with a strong reputation.  Our client list is constantly expanding; it includes top designers, hotels, retailers and fragrance houses.  Many of our clients find us through our past work, with makes us proud of the quality of candles we are producing. 

Our candles are Hand Poured in Montreal and burn clean using proprietary premium formulated eco-soy wax.  Having our manufacturing on our premises enables us the control over the finest high-grade ingredients used, manufacturing quality and working conditions for our employees.  

All candles have 100% unbleached cotton wicks which are lead-free. Each artisan wood wick is made of natural wood using good forestry practices and crackle when lit.  Our candles are constantly tested for hours to keep quality constant.

None of our products are tested on animals, no animal materials are used.
Vegan, Phthalate free.

Seracon uses components that are recyclable. We work towards zero manufacturing waste in our factory. Recycling and using post-consumer materials is at the heart of our company in order to produce as little waste as possible. We do our best to stay local, to keep transportation to a minimum. It is all an effort to lower our carbon footprint as well as protect the environment.  We choose to work with suppliers who hold a similar philosophy.

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How we live

Seracon has always given back to the community.   Seracon supports the work of David Suzuki Foundation – to protect the balance of nature and our quality of life; being involved in the David Suzuki Foundation, we were one of the founding members of Quebec DSF chapter.  Each year we volunteer our time and a portion of our profits to the David Suzuki Foundation.  Seracon also donates to local homeless shelters, a local shelter for battered women, Hospital and University for Cancer Research.

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